Crochet: Penguin Ipod Nano Cozy Pattern

Haloo I'm back after several months without any update. huhu..  Here I want to share penguin  ipod cozy tutorial. I just bought an Ipod nano 7th generation last month and since then I've been looking for it's case at local store  but I can't found any. So I decided to make my own  Ipod case/ cozy.  After done some brainstorming and "google"ing to get some idea for the design,  I decided to crochet penguin Ipod case. This penguin  cozy is cute and easy crochet project.


1. Worsted weight acrylic yarn: black, white, orange
2. Crochet hook 5/0
3. 2 cm black brads for eyes
4. 1.5 cm pink brads for cheek blush
5. Tapestry needle


sc    = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc   = double crochet
tr    = triple crochet
st    = stich


Body/Head (Black yarn)

 Note: I worked in continuous round for body.

Foundation chain: chain 11

Round  1: Starting  from second chain from hook sc 8. 3 sc in last chain, working on another side, sc 8, 2 sc in last chain. Do not turn

Round 2: Working round continuously. Sc all

Round 3-24: Working round continuously. Sc all

Finish off and weave end.


Face (white yarn)

Note: I worked in row for this part

Foundation chain: 13 chain, turn

Row 1:  Starting  from second chain from hook sc 12, chain 1, turn

Row 2: 2sc in first st, sc 10, 2 sc in last st.

Row 3-5: Sc all, chain , turn

Row 6: sc, hdc, dc, 3tr,  dc, hdc, sc 2, hdc, dc, 3tr, dc, hdc, sc

sc all around the edge of the face shape.

Finish off and leave long end for sewing.



Foundation chain: Chain 5, turn

Row 1:  sc all, chain 1, turn

Row 2: dec, sc 2, dec, chain 1, turn

Row 3: dec

Finish off and leave long end for sewing.


Once all parts all made, it's time to start assembling. Firstly, I attached black brads for the eyes and pink brads for the cheek blush.


cheek blush

Then I sewed the beak to the face.

And lastly I sewed the face to the head/body of the penguin.

and  it's done ^^. Now, with this ipod cozy I don't need to worry of my ipod will get scratch when I put my ipod  in bag.

Hope you enjoy making this ipod cozy as much as I do. If you have any question just ask in comment section below ^^

Thank you for reading.


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