Crochet: Macaroon Coin Purse Pattern

Actually I make this macaroon coin purse and shared this tutorial in my instagram 10 months ago. I decide to share again the tutorial here because it may be much easier to view it in one post. This crochet coin purse is inspire from the everly famous macaroon coin purse made by Joanne of Craft passion.

Material that I used to make this purse are:
1. cover button 38 mm (got mine from daiso)
2. zipper
3. 2.50mm crochet hook
4. acrylic yarn (i'm using minlon)

Crochet macaroon coin purse pattern


sc    : single crochet
st    : stich
dec : decrease

Total Stiches
 6sc in magic ring (6)
 2sc in each st around
 (Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc)  repeat 6 times
 (Sc 2, 2 sc in next sc)  repeat 6 times
 (Sc 3, 2 sc in next sc)  repeat 6 times
 Sc all
 (Sc 2, dec 1) repeat 6 times

Insert the cover into the  emm what I should I call it err small crochet pouch that you make the same to another cover.

Purse zipper
1. measure the cover..mine is 5 inch then I shortend the zip to 5 inch
2. sew the zipper to join it together into ring
3. stich at the edge of the zipper and
4. pull it together..
5. do the same to the other side of zipper.

slip stich the zipper to the cover.. do both side

Lining of coin purse
1. Cut fabric bigger than back plate of the cover
2. Stich at the edge of the fabric
3. Pull it together
4. Place the back plate on then sew  the fabric lining  to the zipper
5. Do the same for the other side
 6. Done ^^

I attach keychain ring to the zipper head so I can attach this purse to my pencil bag. Beside of coins you can use this purse to put accessories such as ring or bracelet. I use this purse to put my scarf pin ^^

For more details tutorial you can visit Craft Passion tutorial HERE.

Thank you for reading.


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