I am fan of watermelon goodies so I'm thougt why not making another ipod cozy with watermelon design. I have shared pattern and tutorial of watermelon pouch HERE  before. This watermelon ipod cozy is very simple and don't take much of time to finish making it. Actually I used the same pattern with the penguin cozy body in previous post but with different colors of yarns.


1. Worsted weight acrylic yarn: green, white and red
2. Crochet hook 5/0
3. Black bead 
4. Black thread
5.  Needle


sc    = single crochet
st    = stich


 Note: I worked in continuous round for body.

Green yarn 

Foundation chain: chain 11

Round  1: Starting  from second chain from hook sc 8. 3 sc in last chain, working on another side, sc 8, 2 sc in last chain. Do not turn

Round 2: Working round continuously. Sc all

Round 3: Working round continuously. Sc all only in the outer loop

Round 4-7: Sc all

White yarn

 Round 5: change to white yarn. Sc all.

Red yarn

Round 6-24: change to red yarn. Sc all.

Finish off and weave end.

change to white yarn

change to red yarn


But this watermelon ipod cozy not complete without the watermelon seeds. I use black beads as it's seed. With black thread and needle I sewed on the black beads randomly on the ipod cozy.

black beads, needle and black thread

Done ^^

Hope you enjoy making this ipod cozy as much as I do. If you have any question just ask in comment section below ^^

Thank you for reading.